Friday, February 27, 2015

Infinite love without fulfilment

(weird face haha)

Long Dress/Shirt: Thrifted
Crochet Top: Pimkie
Shorts: Forever 21 
Bag: Asianicandy 
Necklace: Forever 21 
Choker: Primark
Boots: always the same: Topshop

So I found the only starbucks where Internet is awesome (the one in the station, cause no one has time to stop here haha) and here we are with the posts again.. I have so many to do!

As you can see from the face, I am not fully recovered but still wanted to do something because lately I ve been thrifting a bit and I wanted to share with you what I got :D That thing that is supposed to be a dress, was meant to be an open long shirt in my head as soon as I saw it standing in the shop. I just have the idea of the wind that makes it move with something delicate and cute under it, so good for the berlin summer!
In this outfit I just wanted to put a bit of contrast with the shorts, because if the entire outfit is too cute than it's not mine haha

The boots are always the same because I haven't been shopping high shoes in a while now, so hopefully I can find something that satisfies me this period (in which I have my biiiirthday)! 
Hope you all have a great weekend ❤❤

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Things I can't explain

Lately I've been asking myself about some things that normally surround us and are part of our/mine everyday life. As excuse for this post, I am sick and I feel bored 

1. Why every fashion blogger posts on instagram regularly photos of flowers that they don't even buy? I can pass over the cuteness of the colors in the account but sometimes my homepage of IG is just full of them 8)

2. Why things I like are expensive? I find pretty interesting how even in a sale period, when nearly everything costs less, only the things that catch my attention aren't on sale and cost like part of my monthly money 

3. How boring must be being the person that have to take photos of the bloggers in every place doing all the daily things? And where to get one? 

4. What kind of meat is the one inside the kebab, and do the kebab-sellers even know it?

5. Why do I go in a starbucks for the Internet connection, buying their expensive coffee if then internet is too slow cause is full of people?

6. Why moms know everything? 

7. How's possible that there are still people who think we are the only intelligent beings in the whole universe?

8. Why security men of some supermarkets think they're the kings of the world?

9. Why when people invented german, they tried to make it as difficult as possible? 

If you know the answer of some/one of the them, let me know! 

With love,