Thursday, October 2, 2014


Checked shirt: H&M/like THIS* or THIS*
Basic croptop and black mini skirt: Primark & H&M
Boots: H&M/ or nearly like THESE *(one zip missing haha)

Oversized things are what the world needs at the moment! It would be nice to begin with "I'm writing from my new apartment" but actually I have to wait some days for the wifi connection :( So since I had to take some more things from the old apartment, I'm still here now! I guess I'll need to go again to Starbucks to upload something haha 
The look is pretty simple (as always) and the only new thing here are my new boots from H&M, I needed to share them with you! They have two zips, and let's just say it.. zips can make look better everything. I love them and it surprised me for the pretty good quality. Also, they're perfect because I can wear them even for my german lessons without looking as a giant (I'm 1.80m with my Topshop boots). 
If your trying to understand what I did with my hair, THIS is the answer.. I just wanted to try something different since my hair is long enough to play with it, naturally I have to practice more to be as good as the tutorial (check the pretty videos of that channel, they helped me in many things!) :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Foodporn - Rice pasta recipe

Waaait, if you opened this post thinking it was an outfit post, that means that it's now the time to admit my third real passion (after music and fashion), food!! :D So if it's not your passion too.. I don't know, I guess it's impossible to not be in love with food.

I'm not a professional chef but I just wanted to share this recipe, seen on the internet and then made it became more personal, and for 2! We can simply call it "rice spaghetti with veggies, chicken and soybean sprouts"! Maybe too long haha but the recipe it's pretty short:

1 - Cut your favourite veggies in thin slices ("à julienne"), like I did in the photo! I prefered to add just zucchini (one half zucchini) and carrots (one half carrot)!
Put some olive oil on a pan and fry the veggies, but not too much.. add some salt, let them be a bit crispy. After that, put all in a plate and we'll think of them later!

2 - Now cut and put on the same pan (adding a bit of oil again) half chicken breast

3 - The less asian part of the recipe is putting some white wine on the chicken breast after it became of that great golden color! This wine here it's really a random one, 1 euro at the supermarket haha 
You need the wine to have that kind of "gnammy" sauce! So when the alcool of the wine evaporates, you're ready to turn off everything. 

4 - After you prepared everything to put on the pasta.. I guess it's time to think of your pasta! :D
Rice pasta was so good, I adore it and it's way better than the normal one. It says it takes 5 minutes, but I realized it needed less than 5 minutes, so just stay close to it and pay attention. 

5- AAAND now, if it doesn't suck that much, re-take the pan and put on your veggies, some soybean sprouts, the chicken and obviously the pasta. Call me fat, but I added some olive oil again because I like it and because it's easy to get a massive ball of rice pasta! 

Hope it wasn't too boring!! I really had fun taking photos and writing this post.. let me know if you decide to cook it (do it!) and let me know if you liked it :)